Undergraduate Education at LSU

Overview, LSU Biology, 2015

Details about my work with undergraduate education at LSU including curriculum, online materials, simulations, and CIRTL.

Simulations Developed online simulations for undergraduate introductory biology students to enhance their understanding of traditionally difficult concepts, such as membrane potential & enzyme kinetics. Current version: https://rdale1.shinyapps.io/wischu_biol2018/ (2017). The app will allow the instructor access to student activities when using the illustrations and answering questions.

CIRTL Scholar The LSU Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) provides this certificate to graduate students who study STEM education, design and carry out an experiment, and present or publish their findings. I took discipline-based education resource (DBER) courses, independently studied the literature, designed and carried out an experiment while guest instructor with BIOL 7800, and analyzed the data. I am currently writing up the results.

Curriculum Helped develop a new coursework for use at LSU course BIOL 1005 Laboratory for non-science majors (2016). To help the students come up with independent research topics, I suggested the inclusion of a proposal presentation prior to their writeup.