Renee Dale, PhD

I am a Postdoctoral researcher at Danforth Plant Science Center. I defended my PhD in July, and am currently an MS candidate in Statistics at Louisiana State University.

My research focus is modeling processes in cell biology using ordinary differential equations (ODEs). My dissertation work looks at the utility of mathematical modeling in biology:

  • enhancing the interpretation of data given the underlying mechanism
  • putting many pieces together to understand their function in system dynamics
  • teaching math modeling to students to improve their confidence and autonomy
  • characterizing best-practices in interdisciplinary collaboration and communication

For my postdoc, I’m interested in using multi-scale dynamical models, probabilistic processes, and diffusive processes to study how plants make decisions on the assignment of energy, as well as the genetics underlying plant above- and below-ground strategies.

I am also interested in STEM education. I am particularly interested in making mathematical biology more accessible to experimentalists and the general public alike.

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