Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Biology, Louisiana State University, 2013

Led the following labs as a TA:

BIOL 1208 Introductory Biology Lab I & BIOL 1209 Lab II
BIOL 1005 Introductory Biology Lab for Non Majors

Curriculum Helped develop a new coursework for use at LSU course BIOL 1005 Laboratory for non-science majors (2016). To help the students come up with independent research topics, I suggested the inclusion of a proposal presentation prior to their writeup.

Duties Development of teaching materials and in-class activities, quiz and exam writing, leading student experiments in inquiry-based lab setting

Simulations Developed online simulations for undergraduate introductory biology students to enhance their understanding of traditionally difficult concepts, such as membrane potential & enzyme kinetics. Current version: https://rdale1.shinyapps.io/wischu_biol2018/ (2017). The app will allow the instructor access to student activities when using the illustrations and answering questions. Link[link]: https://rdale1.shinyapps.io/wischu_biol2018/